Andrology/Endocrinology Team
Our laboratory manager, Lisa Ray, has satisfied the requirements of, and has been awarded certification by, the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP) as a Medical Technologist. All of our laboratory technicians have obtained a minimum of a bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in their chosen field, most most of them hold Post Graduate Degrees in their respective fields. lisa_ray_embryology

Our staff’s combined laboratory experience in reproductive health exceeds 40 years with an average experience level of 14 years. They understand that patients want to know why a test has been ordered, what specifically is involved in a particular test and how quickly the results will be available. Our technologists take as much time as necessary to explain exactly what a patient needs to do to prepare for a test and what will happen during the test. They are sensitive to the fact that some tests can be intimidating and may be uncomfortable. They want the patient to be as relaxed as possible and will do everything they can to satisfy a patient’s need for comfort and privacy.

When male factor infertility is noted, low sperm count, sperm movement, or increase is abnormal sperm movement, referral is recommended to Dr. Robert Brannigan, who uses our facility for male related procedures.